If you are searching for a Wedding Photographer in Edinburgh, Scotland

Then look no further as you have arrived at the place where your wedding photography questions for will be answered.

Why Does Finding the Perfect Photographer Matter?

You have your date, the wedding venue has been set and a wedding list is still in progress of being completed. Dress, suit, rings, food, flowers, music! It is no wonder that getting married can be one of the most stressful times in our lives, but love does strange things to people and marriage, contrary to some statistics, is as popular as it ever was.

It would therefore be a calamity of major proportions if there were no professional photographs to have as keepsakes of a very special day.

Just like anything else finding the perfect wedding photography packages in Edinburgh can be a daunting prospect, but with some organisation, and a firm idea of what you want in the form of style your day to remember will be one not to forget.

Below are answers to some of the questions you should list yourself in order to find the wedding photographer in Edinburgh that suits your personal tastes, and that is exactly what it is all about, personal taste.

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So how do I Find a Photographer in Edinburgh?

The best place to start will be the internet as most good photographers will also own a website to promote their work. This means that you can easily cover a few folk that do wedding photography without having to visit a studio or home.

This also helps the speed of narrowing down to your favourite photographers as you can easily view their portfolio online. Most professional photographers will also have their qualifications stated on their web pages alongside something about themselves. Wedding photographers need to make their customers feel relaxed on their big day, something that is not easy to do but essential in order to get that special picture that will last a lifetime.

Of course, you can also ask friends and relatives who have recently been married for the name of their photographer if you like their work, but really it is up to individual choice when talking about something like photographic preferences

Are There any Other Things we Should Consider?

Remember that you do not have to hire an Edinburgh wedding photographer, you do not even have to hire a photographer who lives in Scotland, but there will be extra charges added on if you choose some other photographer who is not local to where the special event is taking place.

We Have Found a person that we like the look of, now what?

Once you have narrowed down your choices to either one or two wedding day photographers then there are a few questions you need to be answered.

What is your Favoured Style of Wedding Photography?

By now you and your intended would have agreed on the style you like the best. This could be documentary style or something a little more natural, whatever it is, it’s your choice.

This is where the photographer’s portfolio is essential as you will be able to view the different packages they have on offer. Photographers need to have a good ‘eye’, they need to be able to take photographs in an instant beside being able to make structured photographs look more natural. Taking good wedding photographs is not a lucky shot, it is created in an artistic manner, and undergoes editing until you are left with something rather special.

The last thing any couple wants are tons of pictures of kids running about as if they were at a birthday party, sure one or two are fine, but the focus should always be on the newly married couple.

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What exactly are Wedding Photography Packages?

Wedding packages are essentially the price list that your wedding photographer in Edinburgh has. You need to discuss what type of coverage you want. Below are a couple of typical options you can expect to be offered:


The Half Day Coverage

  • Join in a pre-wedding meeting in order to plan your photography
  • The half day coverage includes all photographs are subject to being fully re-touched and are in full HD, digital files on a USB drive presented in a beautiful presentation box.
  • The price may also include a private online gallery where all of your photographs are displayed and with an option to order prints.
  • You will also have license to print or copy the photos for your own use.
  • You can expect events such as the preparation of the bride to be covered, the location, ceremony room, flowers and any other personal details you may have.
  • You can expect portraits of the Groom and Groomsmen, the arrival of the guests, and then the arrival of the Bride. You can also expect photographs of the ceremony, reception and also group photographs. Throughout the event there should also be informal photographs, and a mock cake cut as well as photographs of the speeches at the start of the meal.

This is an average list and you should be able to tailor make it to your needs

Full Day Coverage Includes:

You can expect the entire above plus:

  • Photos between the meal and evening event
  • Photos of additional evening guests
  • You will also receive photographs of the first dance
  • A full days coverage will also give you photographs of at least one hour of the disco or band you have ordered.

Will the Wedding Photographer have any Optional Extras?

You can expect a few optional extras to be on offer and these may include:

  • Pre-Wedding Photo shoots that can be done in another location like somewhere that is special to the prospective husband and wife.
  • Photo albums, which will be made to the highest standards and completely, fashioned to the size of your budget. Any albums should be a collaboration of all interested parties.
  • Many professional photographers offer parent albums, which is a more cost effective choice of hardback duplicate of the couple’s main album.
  • You may also be offered large-scale framed prints, romantic canvases or whatever your personal style might be to hang in your home.

As you can see as long as your budget will stretch to extras, your wedding photography can turn out to be something with a definite ‘wow’ factor.

On a Final Note, Never Forget it is Your Wedding Day

Never forget that! There will be many about you that would love to have some input, but that fact should not apply to the wedding photographer, and if you find that they are becoming too insisting then find the exit. Yes, it is fine to suggest different styles and options as they are professional, but ultimately it is your day, your story, and your love that is being celebrated.